You were never born, so you will never die,

It’s only your illusions that destroy you.

Behind the noises is a silence, blazing like a billion stars to keep away the darkness.

For if you, have come to know this, you; have already died.




The rational principle that pervades, governs and develops the Universe



The Logos is the Causal Principle, the Creator, the realm of potentialities, containing everything that has existed, that which exists and that which will be. In a Universe of possibilities all must be possible and within this principle, all causations exist; including Space and Time. For there is no beginning here, nor end, nothing is final; only the Absolute Eternal Moment. In this stillness, One is All and All is One, no sense of past, or future, only uniformity.






The Logos expresses itself as Sound and functions on a vibratory level and every aggregated component in the Universe is attuned to a specified frequency, from an infinite number of Star Systems, to a countless array of sub-atomic particles, are all  subsumed within the un-manifested state, of the Logos.



The Logos is the originator which expresses itself by virtue of nature, in differentiating singularity points, regulating momentum and providing the very vehicle for manifestation i.e. (Light). A singularity point is radiated from the Logos and centrifugally unfolds in an expansive fashion, when the Principle of Light is activated; a polarization occurs the moment an ideation is radiated.



The Logos radiates its causation into the realm of effects, from an un-manifested subjective state, to a manifested objective state, but exists as one. The Logos remains in its stillness state; undifferentiated and co-exists in its expression of manifestation. For the finality of an expression is Matter i.e. (Crystallised Light)








You are the Absolute eternal moment, weaving a body of Light,

And through your volition, you elect a dance in unison with all

One cannot be; without being,

Nor can one see; without being seen.

For this is your finest moment in completion, as you gently fall into dissolution.



Free Will

Free Will is the Primary Law of the Universe



The Law of Free Will pertains to the Logos, for it is the Logos who is the chooser, not the illusive personality. Free Will is the bridge between the Logos and its dynamic aspect. The Logos is in its undifferentiated state; in the Absolute Time Constant, where everything that has happened and will happen; is collapsed in that single moment for all eternity. The Logos is an All-Knowing Eternal Being in an immutable state, and yet; when it elects to express itself through the Law of Free Will, we see changeability through its dynamic aspect. For the very desire to express implies mutability. One might posit that this is a paradox, for how can one thing be mutable and immutable? For it can indeed - a potential state asserts anything is possible and in a Universe of possibilities, all must be possible. When the Observer moves its attention to an ideation, it is a change of observation in itself. It remains in its stillness state undifferentiated, for the very movement of the Observers attention radiates the ideation into existence. What The Logos radiates is an extension of itself; it is parallel to when you sit silently contemplating on an idea - you are the Observer at rest and your consciousness expands outwardly imbuing that idea. You, The Observer remain immutable and the very thing you imagine is mutable. 

Free Will begins from a subjective level. An entity has the power to direct their consciousness, to observe, or to radiate something from their very own being to manifest an objective. For the very knowledge of knowing you exist, is freedom. For how can anything have been created in the Universe without Free Will? Free Will precedes action, for it is the movement of a desire, or idea that generates a manifestation and without this law, nothing can ever be, or happen. Free Will is the power of Being, to Imagine and the ability to Become

It is imperative that all sentient beings in the Universe obey the following rule, pertaining to The Law of Free Will.

·         You are not to interfere with an entity, or entities trajectory life path, for this is a direct violation of The Law of Free will. One may only intervene if it threatens the preservation of the whole.

We exist in a causal Universe and all causations unfold concentrically and expand on a trajectory path. A causation that is generated will come into contact with other causations affecting them and the former cause will be affected as well.  In turn, this process will continue to unfold; fusing with other causations from a microcosmic level, culminating to a macrocosmic level in the Universe. The Logos is All-Knowing and knows the trajectory path of every cause that manifests and its outcome, for it sees things holistically, not partially.

When an entity predominately functions from the ego, they perceive their reality in a limiting objective way. They are far removed from The Logos and their All-Knowingness and have a propensity to act in self interest. This factor will illustrate that an entity of this nature will interfere with causes, which are unfolding in the Universe, to manipulate for their own personal interests, or driven by their own personal moral constructs. The ramifications can prove quite catastrophic on a universal level, when one moves in the Universe in this fashion, for the ego does not see the bigger picture of these causal unfoldment’s, thus causing an imbalance as a result of interfering. Let us not be economical with this truth, for even the more enlightened entities that have a better understanding of The Law of Free Will, might consider at times that the Universe is unjust and cruel. Things may appear in this way, but it could not be further from the truth. The perceiver must avoid partiality and remain as The Observer. One must not interfere with causation on its trajectory path and allow it to unfold accordingly. The appropriate measure to take is to consult your All-Knowingness, (Intuition) and it will bring forth the knowledge you need to know. This is why it is imperative that we have a deep respect for this rule and allow causations to take their course.


The Path of the Naoslogos


When an entity self initiates a path to ascertain truth about the self, their quest begins from a analytical dichotomous perspective, believing that there is a symbiotic relationship between the conscious mind and infinite logic, this is due to an untrained mind heeding to their very own thoughts as logic. The perceiver must introduce the very idea to themselves, that it is the Observer who observes the thoughts, not the conscious thinker. The personality will act as a logical entity analysing the Mind of God, (The Logos). In reality, the conscious logical self is a mere construct belonging to the illusive personality, it is as if the puppet is analysing the puppeteer, or the subject dictating to its master. At this point what is lucidly revealed to us is a paradox, because the only real Consciousness is the Logos itself, the Observer. This phenomenon appears to the perceived as an awakening experience; or as enlightenment, but in actual fact, it is a returning to the true self, to a Centred State as a conscious transference occurs resulting in Balance, by shedding the personality. The Observer is the Logos, with its own innate attributes; which constitutes the True Will as opposed to the illusive ego.  Here are the five characteristics pertaining to the Logos.

The Path of the Naoslogos  

        Observer             Vacant Mind   

        Calmness            Stillness 

        All-Knowing        Truth

        Impartiality          Detached

        Creator                Designer


It is a dream a tangible cloud like softness of silk

Drifting like a gentle breeze on a summer night

Brilliant crested diamonds in the black canopy

Declaring their beauty for all to witness

All is silent in the Inner Sanctum, not a whisper to be heard

Gracefully moving through all things, with benevolent heart

Time will come; when this dream will pass

When the Sun will be no more

A time will come, to return to the land of dreams

Know Thy Self

Know thy self is an ancient aphorism which still resonates today and has been associated with the pursuit of knowing ones true self. Socrates stated that in one’s mind, one could not know anything without knowing one’s self. Being a deeply conditioned society from an early age we have accepted without question belief paradigms from political, religious, academic Institutions and even philosophical and New Age Spiritual Movements, that have formed who we are, or to put it more accurately, the ego.

In my personal experience of knowing thy self, I have found that for me it was always about truth. We assign labels like spirituality, enlightenment and seeing the light and I must say, to an extent I have played along with these terminologies. When I look back, I recall it was more of a defining truth of who I was “not”, rather than becoming spiritual, or attaining enlightenment. Even when I was not in pursuit of self truth, there was this underlying intuitive voice telling me throughout my life, “What you are doing right now is not you”, or “This is not truth”, or “What you are telling this person is not so” and I like most people ignored that inner voice to allow truth about the self to be acknowledged.

So we go through life ignoring that inner calling to truth and may even be practicing spirituality while this is going on, thinking that we are enlightened. When one establishes and connects to their true self, one has become honest to themselves, because that truth becomes the catalyst of knowing their true inner being and through that knowingness; one sees the illusive ego for what it is and begins to dismantle it, followed by action. One cannot proclaim enlightenment without taking action in order to reinforce this foundation. Truth is simple and it all comes down to choice, no need to wait for that Guru, or the right book that will change your life – you already know what needs to be done, the question is, “Do you really want to be who you really are, or do you want to give the impression of being who you really are”?

Beneath the disquiet lies the corridor to the heart

Where all tender sentiment dwells and things emanate

Converge and become one with it

Be the brilliance and wonder that you are.



The Observer


The Observer is the silent centre. It is the total sum of awareness of everything that was, is and will be. The Observer is Awareness, the Void, it is a Being, a life force, a presence with no beginning, or end, and it is in a state of Oneness with the aggregate, for one is all and all is one. The Observer is at rest in an undifferentiated subjective state as awareness encompassing all that there is. When the Observer decides to bring its attention to something, the Observer’s awareness expands on that particular focal point. For its very observation will alter the subject of attention; influencing its trajectory path and its state. Reiterating at this point, the Observer is “not the thinker”. Life is meant to be lived from the vantage point of the Observer, not egocentrically. Living one’s life as the Observer connects us to everything and places us in a unique position to interact with other life forms, the environment and the Universe more effectively, and more harmoniously. What is delineated here is a monistic philosophy.

Now we arrive to the Principle of how to consciously Centre one self and become the Observer.  In reality there are no division of opposites, but a centred state of mind acquired by a conscious transference, from thinker (ego), to Observer. The practitioner must establish a quietened mind in their wakened state and become the Observer at all times in order to maintain a Centred State. The key word here is focus, the perceiver must bring their attention to that which they want to become, or what they choose to manifest and only through the discipline of focusing ones attention on the objective; will deliver the desired result. Once the perceiver has mastered the Principle of Centring, they are in unison with the Universe and have complete access to the Creative Principle in its fullest capacity at their disposal.   The perceiver will experience their true self in total acquiescence with the ALL, a Perfect Vibration; however, if an entity accepts an illusionary reality either by perception, belief, or so-called conscious logic, they will experience separation from the whole, which will inevitably give rise to the illusive ego and self service. This occurrence is classified as an Unnatural State, not as an imbalance. For you are truly the ONE, the LOGOS, not the personification of who you think you are.

When a conscious transference occurs from thinker to Observer; the vibration shifts, this is classified as a Perfect Vibration; it establishes a Centred State and aligns itself with the Universe in perfect harmony. From this vantage point the perceiver will notice an incredible shift in reality, where everything starts to synchronise in concert for them, with very little energy expended. All one has to do, is to stop thinking and just allow yourself to observe and to be the awareness and the Being that you truly are. This reveals to us, that life is meant to be lived in a state of peace, not strained.




The Logos is of a peaceful disposition; with a calm mind observing all that there is. This knowledge takes us back to the very source, that its very core is silent and unperturbed and yet, in this silence is an unfathomable power existing in the Absolute Time Constant, in that one single eternal moment connected to everything, feeling all creation, never rushing, never impatient, just Being.

An entity that has fallen to the illusive personality is polarised, but unaware of their true nature. They only see separation and an objective reality. This allows illusions like fear, anger and concern to govern their life path; having adverse consequences, for they are far removed from their Calmness. In reality, all problems are connected to the disconnection of the Centred Self. Ultimate Reality is Truth and it is immutable. Anything transient in the Universe is subject to expire and cannot be an Ultimate Reality; hence the perceiver must pursue truth alone, which will lead them back to their centre, The Logos. The perceiver must shed the illusive personality in order to become The Logos and on their journey, vestiges will appear to trigger the perceiver and realign them to a Perfect Vibration, whether the perceiver accomplishes this in the Material Plane, or after they have left from their physical reality - in the Light Plane. This phenomenon is imperative. There can only be Ultimate Truth in the end, because in reality, that is all there is.




All-Knowing is attributed to The Logos. It contains everything that was, is and will be, because it is The Absolute Time constant, for its very existence is in that singular moment and all are in that Oneness. Illusive logic might pose the question, “Where did The Logos come from?” For when we delve in such a profundity, our imagination can only reach an ineffable conclusion. To adduce such a premise, one must employ the very notion of the obvious, by eliminating the subject of inquiry. For The Logos always was, is and will be; therefore, if nothing precedes it and nothing can be greater than its value,  it would have to be derived from nothingness. In order for nothing to exist, something must exist to observe the nothingness; therefore there can be no such thing as nothing; hence, all that there was, is and will be, is The Logos. 

The Logos is omniscient, expressing itself through its wisdom harmoniously. All-Knowing; is to be in possession of the truth, for truth is singular and invariable. Intuition is precisely just that, All-Knowing - and when an entity poses a question, it is the truth that they seek. Truth is - "That which is"  and any alternative interpretation will prove extraneous. If an entity exists in the physical realm (Crystallised Light) there is a veiling of consciousness due to the stabilising principle, which gives it; its solidity. This veiling is like a subtle wall connecting both time constants in consciousness and when an entity enters the physical realm; their perception will predominate immediately an objective reality, as opposed to The All-Knowing - Absolute time Constant. 

One may ask, “Why is there a veiling?” To be All-Knowing is to be all-powerful and in this omnipotence is absoluteness. In this reality everything is paradoxical, unlike the Motion Time Constant where there is the illusion of a beginning and an end of an expression, which is subject to measure and is destined for dissolution. For in The Absolute Time Constant it is the complete opposite, the state of consciousness in this realm is whole, complete and unified. We may now classify this reality as The Super Universe. In this state there can be no beginning, or finality, nor can polarity exist in this reality, and yet having avowed such a powerful statement, The Absolute Time constant contains both opposites. For it is invisible and visible, it is polarised and whole, it is elusive in nature and intelligible by definition, it is silent and yet it is heard – this phenomenon is due to the fact that every aggregated component in the Universe, is subsumed in the very state of The Logos. To be one thing and not the other, would be finite in nature, eradicating absoluteness. Sound, Light and Matter can be perceived as three independent principles, or as one entity - the latter is the correct way of seeing. In order for an expression to descend to a lower vibratory level as Matter, being subject to a Motion Time Constant in an elusive finite reality, a veiling of the absoluteness occurs to present to the perceived a causal unfolding reality. 

Beings existing in the realm of Light experience The Absolute Time Constant in totality, devoid of the veiling. In this state, there is no transmutative principle unfolding such as the Motion Time Constant, to render the illusion of a linear space time perception. In fact, motion in this realm is performed by The Observer moving their attention, to a particular expression, or expressions experiencing totality. It must be mentioned here, that this motion is unlike the motion experienced in the physical realm; it is an emergent and disappearing principle. Space is irrelevant because space is The Logos and because The Logos is Absolute, the aggregate is accessible in that Absolute moment. The vibration here resonates at a higher frequency; one would experience the field of The Logos in a unified fashion in a state of Being.  

When one becomes The Observer free off the illusive cluttering mind, a symbiosis starts to occur with their All-Knowingness. It is a unique phenomenon that occurs in the physical realm, because a corporeal entity moves through its reality expressing itself dynamically, experiencing a somewhat partial reality. Being a singularity point itself, it is its own causation unfolding on a trajectory path and engaging with other causations. Due to this partial perceptive reality, the entity will only see a limiting field because of its dynamic aspect, so it needs a greater awareness of its immediate reality, which is intuition. The Universe intended that all physical agents move through life as All-Knowing beings, so that all causations unfold accordingly and harmoniously, utilising their Knowledge to function at maximum capacity, for the benefit of all.



Impartiality is attributed to the Logos, for it does not objectivise reality. Its very nature is to radiate expressions infinitely and express itself through the aggregate as One Being. No expression is above, or below the other, all expressions in the Universe are equal. The Observer is in stasis and creates and experiences its dynamic aspect by virtue of its nature. The Logos does not polarise its consciousness in respect to a moralistic paradigm, where a separate view of judgement is formed upon its creations. The attitude of The Logos is one of detachment and forms no objective notion to an individual expression. Its very nature is expressive energy flowing freely and allowing without restriction - all creation to expand. 

It is the illusive mind that formulates ideations of Love, ownership and objectivises a separatist reality, the aggregate are expressions of the one body which is The Universe and to compartmentalise things as individual objects is an illusion and fallacy. This occurs when the perceiver sees themselves as a separate entity and in turn perceives external things as objects. The very nature of this illusion creates a competitive trait and a belief to pursue and attain objects as ownership. This characteristic is supported throughout their life as a belief paradigm and because they serve the self, they see things that conform to their own personal needs, for they are far removed from the Oneness of life. 

Nebulae in alluring colour

In boundless silence they speak

Gave birth to stardust love, for all to keep

The Creator


The Logos is the Creator and by virtue of its nature it is the Expresser and all that it creates; are expressions of itself. For if the Logos remained in its un-manifested state void of expression, it would be nothing more than a potential state, for it is its dynamic aspect that reveals its true nature, to exemplify this, imagine someone claiming to be a musician, but had never written one composition, or if someone claimed to be an artist, but had never painted one portrait in their life - for this cannot be, there is the “IS” and what the “IS” does according to its nature, for a work of art can only point to its artisan, a creation is connected to its Creator, and an expression can only be located to the Expresser.

The Logos contains all and because the All is essentially one body, everything is in direct communication with every expression that has, is and will be. The moment the Creator decides to set in motion causation via the Creative Principle, the Creator impresses the intention in the very Causal Principle itself; communicating the desire to the one body you call the Universe. At this point, the Universe commences to rearrange itself to comply with your wish; here The Principle of Harmony becomes apparent, which synchronises in your field anything, or any situation which relates to your desire.

In essence, all universal components constitute the Universe and every independent entity was radiated as a singularity point, as a unique expression of its own blueprint and in addition, every aggregated component that was expressed, radiates its own causations into existence, extending itself in ad-infinitum. The Logos exists in its undifferentiated subjective state, containing all expressions in the Absolute Time Constant, for it is through the Law of Free Will, that it radiates singularity points it chooses to express, taking form  through the Principle of Light as light, for the Logos is the expresser and the expression. Once an expression is radiated, it is in a state of Pure Light without limitation, where the universal laws are vibrating at a more accelerated higher frequency, as opposed to Matter, i.e. (Crystallised Light), vibrating at a lower denser frequency. The time constant here is still Absolute; this is the realm which some refer to it as the Hereafter. At this juncture, the Logos will decide if the expression is to remain in the Realm of Light, were the majority of entities exist, or to extend its expression and descend to a lower vibratory level; crystallising itself which is identified as Matter. For matter only occupies three percent of the tangible Universe, Light occupies the majority.

If an entity decides to extend itself and descend to a denser vibratory level and crystallises itself as Matter, a new time constant emerges as motion, where the very time factor is its very own unfoldment of existence, which in turn occupies a greater body, which has its own unfolding time factor, greater than the former and in turn, is subject to a greater unfolding time factor than itself and so on. Linear time is an illusion; entities own unfolding motion value determines the duration of their expression and the greater body they occupy will subject them to that cycle. An entity existing on the Material Plane not only has its own Motion Time Constant, but is subject to the Absolute Time Constant as well. Moreover; entities existing on the Material Plane may vacillate consciously between these two time constants, experiencing reality through their physical senses only; they may objectivise their reality which will prove illusionary. This phenomenon may give rise to the illusion of a state of separation, for this is totally inaccurate, the Creator expresses itself via the Creative Principle and also co-exists with its creation, for you are the Cause and the Effect. You are the Creator and the light vehicle which you call your body, is one body existing in a multidimensional state. For the Logos is always present in both time constants. Depending on the perceiver’s level of enlightenment will determine which time constant they predominate. This perfectly explains paranormal experiences such as intuition, or clairvoyance; when the perceiver shifts their vibration to a Centred State into the Absolute Time Constant and accesses information from the Logos and crystallises that knowledge on the Material Plane, or impresses an intention in that state to manifest an objective, is the very basis for Creation.

Time is motion, even when you sit still; your body is unfolding from the Centre outwardly expressing itself as life in its dynamic aspect and when it is your time to leave this realm, which you call your body; will fall into dissolution. At this beautiful moment something very special occurs, the Logos has completed this particular expression and has revealed its invisible presence through its expression dynamically, affirming its wholeness, that which it “IS” and what it “DOES”, its very own formlessness is revealed through its dynamic expressive state in the realm of forms, the invisible is the derivation of the visible. Now you have released your body, existing in the Realm of Light and the Logos. You will experience an ultimate conscious transference by abandoning the illusive ego; from a dual time constant, to just an Absolute Time Constant, a new eternal Conscious Being, the Logos and the expression in a state of Pure Light, which is incorruptible.

Expounding now the very Creative Principle itself - Sound, Light and Matter is the Triadic Principle which is only relevant if you have descended to the third realm, (Crystallised Light), remembering that only three percent of entities exist in the physical realm of the Universe. These three components (Sound, Light and Matter) constitute your very Being and through your very own Being, you bring about manifestation. One cannot bring about manifestation without beginning from the very source itself, The Logos. One has to become the Observer, the Calm and Impartial Being that they truly are and engage in contemplation in order to manifest an objective, but before we can proceed, I must explicate what thought is and by ascertaining this, it must be accentuated again with gravity that the thinker is illusive; hence the thoughts must also be an illusion as well. In this world which you call Gaia, people’s vey idea of the thinker is an incessant mechanical inner conscious voice, defined as reason with personalised moral constructs. An entity following this paradigm will only know folly. There is no right, or wrong in the Universe, only impartiality. Reiterating that the Observer is the Logos, the Observer does not think, it impartially watches in a detached state objectively and is in a Perfect Vibration as One with the Universe. When the Observer elects to bring about change, or manifest something, it brings its attention on the objective from the Observer’s standpoint; you cannot manifest anything in your life by thinking of what you want from the illusive logical thinker’s perspective. Your desire or ideation must be generated from the Observers perspective, (The Logos) in order for creation to occur. That which you wish to externalise can only come from within.

There is no grand meaning to life, other than the truth of who you truly are. You are the Creator and by virtue of your nature, you exercised Free Will and expressed yourself in this realm to expand the Universe. All that we create in the Universe should be in the interest of the whole, not solely in the interests of one, or a minority. As a result of this knowledge, we can see that living in total self service disconnects us from the whole, followed with its problems and complexities.

With creation comes great responsibility, one must always be mindful of the causations they set in motion and the ramifications. The true meaning of creation is to express your inner being and to expand in the interests of the whole; in complete service to all.


Creating with the Principle of Light


The Principle of Light is the second principle of The Triad and it exists in The Absolute Time Constant, therefore this aspect of you has no beginning, or end. 

First, it is imperative to expound the very Creative Process in order for the practitioner to understand how energy works from stasis, to a dynamic state. The Logos is in the Observers state as Unified Awareness and through its volition it elects to express a singularity point i.e. (desire, or intention). In this stillness there is a movement in Consciousness of the desired intention, like a subtle disturbance in the primordial silence. As soon as the practitioner decides on the intention, the intention is radiated as Light in its symbolical sense, or the actual end physical result you desire to manifest. The practitioner may imagine the $ sign for example, or visualise the money handed over to them in real life time. The Logos remains in a state of stasis and pervades the very Light it has radiated with Consciousness, experiencing these realities simultaneously as Oneness.

When an entity creates it must be kept in mind that what they imagine, or radiate from their very own being is an extension of them, not separate. The Creator is not merely manifesting an object, or different circumstances to occur, but is forming a relationship in a diversified reality as Consciousness.

Creative Process

Establish the intention and be absolutely sure, this is what you want. When there is no doubt in your mind as to what the intention is, enter your Silent Centre and proceed.

Before entering your silent Centre, utter the following words. It will act like a key to all your work.


Silence = Vacant Mind

Let us assume your intention is money, you may use a personalised symbol that represents wealth to you, or you could simply visualise cash in your life. Whatever you decide on, make sure that this part of the work has been thought out beforehand – you cannot enter in this state thinking what step to take next, it must flow naturally, so rehearse the ritual in your mind before commencing.

Light = Imagination

We will assume once again, that you have followed all this through and now, the work continues by you actually creating what you want in your Inner Mind via the imagination. Spend time on this body of the work as long as you feel and when I say feel, I mean listen to your intuition (All-Knowingness), it will guide you through this process at all times, all you have to do is apply active listening.

The Four Universal Principles




        Energy Exchange   





Changeability is the first Universal Principle and it occurs when The Logos moves its attention from the Observers state in stasis to expression. That in itself is changeability, creating an extension of itself other than its original state. Force is power un-manifest, for it is only apparent when it becomes dynamic. Free Will is the portal between these two states; revealing the expression itself. The movement of an expression is generated by contemplative thinking, or the imagination; which then activates the Principle of Light and crystallises the intention, thus the Universe rearranges itself in perfect harmony to accommodate the elected desire. The sensitivities of the Principle of Changeability are so precise and accurate, that we can comfortably assert that the Universe is not random, for our thoughts and actions are constantly Interpenetrating entities and fields rearranging the Universe, for nothing remains static, except the Logos.

Your perception, which you call reality is a by-product of the past, for they are expressions in their completed crystallised state experiencing their dynamic aspect; in the realm of effects and throughout your course of movement you call life, you express many causations into existence, which they will inevitably dissipate, realising in the end that the only true reality is the Causal State, The Logos. 


Within the mechanics of manifestation there is the Principle of Cycles. The perceiver will observe that everything adheres to a cyclical motion and within this movement the Principle of Changeability is concurrent, everything from a macrocosmic level and upward the scale follows a greater cycle. All living things and natural processes obey this law, your thoughts, actions and even habits will come around at the same moment, according to what you expressed in the previous cycle. As cycles elapse, the perceiver may accept that this phenomenon is a fixed reality, which may give birth to illusion and deprive the perceiver of their creative potentiality and true nature, unless you apply the Law of Free Will and alter the cycle which you have created and have set in motion; your life will remain the same.

At this juncture, I must purport that the perceiver has an infinite range of choices to select from, if they choose so from the silent centre; for a desired path can be elected at any moment in life, regardless of the current crystallised expressions you perceive, or experience.

1 Observer      - Vacant Mind                                   6 Changeability        - Instability                                      

2 Calmness     - Stillness                                          7 Cycles                  - Rhythm                 

3 All-Knowing - Truth                     Free Will                                                                          

4 Impartiality   - Detached                                        8 Energy-Exchange - Transference       

5 Creator         - Designer                                         9 Harmony              - Unity

The Four Universal Principles Table Application